What Is A Buyers Representative

I'd like to answer a question I am often asked. They wonder what my relationship is with the banks. I work as a buyer's representative here in the Ottawa area. I am a real estate broker with Guidestar realty. I work for the purchasers rather than the banks who are selling these properties under a power of sale action.

The properties are all listed through realtors on the MLS system. What I'm doing is compiling all these properties in one place for people who are curious about them to see what is available in Ottawa. I want to make the point that the selection of properties you are going to see is fairly limited. As of the day this video was made there are about 60 of the properties on the Ottawa Real Estate Board of a total of almost 5000 listings. So its not a huge selection and if you were to look through my report and were disappointed in what you find and there is nothing for you there I would be more than happy to show you what alternatives exist based on your needs as a buyer client.