How To Find A Power Of Sale

People want to know how to find a power of sale property. They want to see if they can find these properties themselves online or on then MLS system. The usual answer is no as the banks object to the listing showing the property is a power of sale. They don't want to advertise the facet as they are worried someone will try to buy it at a lower than average price and then they would be liable to the previous owner for selling it for less than they should.

They do keep this information confidential which makes it a bit challenging to find these properties. This is where I come in. As a real estate broker I have access to this information as a member of the real Estate Board and I can create a search that will find you those properties. That's what my Ottawa House Repossessions list is. Its updated every day and as son as a normal property is available it is put on that list. If you are interested in the list you can get it from my website