We are writing again to thank you for the fantastic service you have provided us in this matter. Of course it is very easy to become exuberant when someone saves you thirty thousand dollars in one transaction. However, after having practiced law in Ottawa for over 25 years, during which we have known your father professionally for at least 23 of those years, it was truly edifying to have your good, sound and practical advice in successfully negotiating our purchase. We might add that in the particular circumstances involved this was no small feat because of the, as you know, particularly delicate challenge involved. You were certainly unselfish with your time, extremely prompt with your service and advice and we particularly appreciated you being able to arrange a professional inspection at the very last minute. We could go on and on about how pleased we are with your services and it only goes to prove the maxim that "an apple doesn't fall very far from its tree". We certainly look forward to using your good services in the future and until then we remain. - Richard L. Mount

Although I have bumped into you from time to time, we really haven't had a chance to chat since you acted on the purchase of our home, now over three years. Undoubtedly, this letter will come as a surprise as you certainly haven't asked for it. However, yesterday Penny and I were reminiscing about the purchase and renovation of our home and your name obviously came up. This is not meant to expand on our earlier letter to you; however, we do want to in the most sincerest and personal terms express our huge gratitude to you again for everything you did. Without your contracting background, your honest and practical advice and ultimately your truly ingenious strategizing, Penny and I would not be enjoying the beautiful home we are so lucky to have. Please feel entirely free to share this and our earlier letter with whomever you wish as a solid endorsement of you both as a person and as an excellent real estate advisor. Should you ever want additional, original copies or wish me to speak to anyone on your behalf, just give me a call. I close by hoping this letter finds you and yours well and happy in every way. - Richard L. Mount

FYI - I met Richard online while looking at repossessed houses in the Ottawa area and he offered assistance to help us find a place if we wanted help with properties that weren't 'repos'. I'll be perfectly honest in saying that I didn't want to commit to one real estate agent at the time, as we had never met in person. I wanted to keep my options open and informed him of such. We were actually looking at both sides of the Ottawa River (i.e., both Gatineau, Quebec and the environs surrounding Ottawa), but quickly realized that we wanted to live in Ontario (My wife, who is from France, even came to this quick conclusion).

I gave him some parameters of what we were looking for (housing price, locations, size, bedrooms, lot area, etc.), and I'd get updates 1-2 times a week via e-mail. From there, we narrowed down the list and organized scheduled viewings of properties that we were potentially interested in. We started this process months before we actually went to Ottawa, as we wanted some time to familiarize ourselves with the area since neither my wife or I had been there before.

After landing late at night, we started our house search the very next day with scheduled showings. Richard picked us up where we staying, drove us to the viewings, and dropped us off and we saw many houses in that period of time. We did this for about a week until we found a few houses that we liked and decided to put an offer in on one of them. He was always courteous, pleasant, professional, and punctual. When showing houses, he was extremely helpful as he told us what problems existed (FYI- he used to build houses before so he knows a lot about the business) and whether the house was priced right or not. There was never any 'hard sale' pressure from him and we grew very fond of him quickly. We knew we lucked out after our first day, and feel like he is a very close friend of the family now. - Anonymous

I am writing to you to express my sincere appreciation for your exceptional services to me in looking for a house in your area. Your courtesy, promptness in replies, a friendly, helpful and sincere attitude to my questions concerning this search, made all the difference in the world, and helped eliminate any stress in house hunting. Your impeccable honest professionalism cannot be more highly recommended. Your frankness and sense of humour in this endeavor is exemplary. I will not hesitate to recommend you as a total real estate professional in the best sense of the word. Please feel free to use this letter of recommendation, from a very satisfied client, as you wish. - Frank Kash

Many thanks for getting this little house for me. It's perfect and with a little TLC it's now very cozy. You didn't make much on this deal but you sure made my day. - Cecile.

Your meeting the Fetherstonhaugh's and providing your vast experience, and help in finding us the perfect home was a great day for us. We not only had an opportunity to draw on your talents but added a very nice person to our directory of a man we can call a friend. - Dianne & Glenn Fetherstonhaugh

Thank you for all your hard work in helping us buy our new home. Your honesty & integrity was a breath of fresh air & we intend to recommend you to anyone we know looking for a new home. - Umar Kabir, Shazia Sayed

We would like to sincerely thank you for all your help, utmost expertise and most of all, your high degree of patience. We are adapting quite well, and enjoying the transition. Thanks again for everything. Definitely highly recommended in our books. - Diane & Dave Parish